Marathon boudoir sessions are held approximately 3 times a year, usually January, August and November.  

Marathon just means that we book SEVERAL girls in back to back slots...all in one day.  It's hectic, it's crazy, but it's a LOT of fun.  It's a great way to make a girls' day out of a photo session.  Book back to back appointments and double the fun!

On marathon days, the cost for a boudoir session is $399.  This includes a 45 minute session, professionally done hair and makeup, and a CD with approximately 20 edited images.

If you book a boudoir session on a day that's NOT considered a marathon day, the cost is $499.  Price still includes a 45 minute session, professionally done hair and makeup, and a digital gallery of approximately 20 edited images.

Products, like albums, folios, and images boxes are ABSOLUTELY available for an additional fee.  Please inquire for further details.



Do I have do wear lingerie? NO! Absolutely not.  Please wear whatever you're comfortable in.  Anything from jeans and pearls to nude is FINE with me.

But I have stretch marks/extra weight/birthmarks/etc....will you see those?  I'll be VERY honest with you.  If I can't position you in a way that gives you beautiful images, while minimizing the areas you're not so fond of, what kind of photographer would I be?  I will photoshop some of those things out, but I won't make you look like Barbie.  I'll promise to show you the best version of YOU.  

Can you show me some examples?  I'll be more than happy to.  Email me, and I'll provide a password to a secret gallery to show you some previous clients that have given me permission to share their photos.

How long will it take to get my images back?  Normal turn around time is 6-8 weeks, unless we've discussed otherwise.