Jessica is beautiful. It's a natural beauty that doesn't take a whole lot of work to be stunning.  That you can see for yourself.  What you CAN'T see from these photos is the hike that it took us to get to this spot.  I like to think that I'm in pretty good shape...I mean, I hike all over the place for photo sessions.  But this hike was NO joke.  It was in the heat of August, with humidity at near 100%.  The wind was whipping around on top of this mountain, and nearly blew Jessica's dressing room over a couple of times (once while she was in it).  Jessica and I even laughed that we would sit down and just slide back to the bottom.  But she, along with her sweet mama and sister Abbi stuck it out and made this one of my VERY favorite bridal sessions I've ever done.  Abbi is quite possibly one of the most selfless sisters I've ever met.  She helped toss veils, tripping over roots and rocks to get out the way fast enough.  She crouched down in a cow pasture near some very new "deposits" to hold my flash in just the right spot, and she carried Jessica's dress up what I swear is the steepest trail in Henderson county. But it was so worth it.  To get bridal photos like this for one of my favorite brides? I'd do it again right now. 

The purple heart sewn into Jessica's dress was to honor her grandfather that passed before he would have a chance to see her in her dress.  What a sweet way to keep him close on her wedding day!